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Queensboro Metal Supply Wilmington NC recycled metals
Steel | Aluminum | Custom Cutting
Are you building or repairing something and need to find an affordable piece of metal?
No problem! We can help.

Hard finds that WE carry all year long... 

  • Now stocking NEW structural pipe ½”-8” in 21’ sections. All schedule 40.

  • 18-gauge and 11-gauge perforated steel sheets

  • #3 and #4  raised decking -expanded metal

  • 200 tons of surplus steel, drops, tubing, angles, channels and beams

  • Aluminum shapes surplus- slightly damaged. ½ price of new. Including angles, channels, tubing and flats.

  • Smooth bar grating and galvanized serrated bar grating, aka “catwalk” -36” wide and 24” wide

  • Cold rolled round bar ½”-3” x 10-1018

  • 1½” x 1½” 14-gauge square steel tube 

You never know what you're going to find at Queensboro Metal Supply! We are now selling new and used metal to the public at a discounted rate.  Located right beside the railroad track on the north side of our property is a 60,000 square foot warehouse loaded with many different types and sizes of metal. 

More of what we offer..

Please contact the resale warehouse at the number below for any questions on inventory and/or pricing:


Bob Kessel | Queensboro Metal Supply Supervisor




Hours of Operations

Monday thru Friday:  8am - 4pm

Saturday: 8am - 12pm

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