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Queensboro Metal Supply

Recycling at Queensboro Metal Supply

When you need metal recycling services, you can trust our company to handle all of your metal recycling needs.

Our Queensboro Metal Supply warehouse has been in operation for four generations. We are a family business that understands what it takes to keep serving our community’s changing needs. We’ve been proudly holding strong through four generations of metal recycling experts in our community. We are here to share our commitment to making sure that we have the best metal recycling and resale services in our community.

When you have excess metal, scraps, or other recyclable metal goods, we can help you manage your waste products.

No good metal should go without a chance to be reused by our community. The scrap metal and excess metal waste that is cluttering up your operation can be repurposed by our metal recycling facility to continue to serve our local businesses. By recycling, you are doing your part to support our community, the local environment, and working with a family business.

We also offer a metal resale warehouse for people looking to acquire all the metal they will need for future projects at a bargain price. Our resale warehouse features everything from brand new stocks of various metals to affordable pricing on surplus steel and aluminum.

When you shop with us, you are getting all of the metal you need for your build or your project at a bargain rate. We source our surplus metals from companies that have acquired more than they can use for their builds and we pass those savings on to you.

The metal that we have for sale is the best quality surplus metal in the area. You’ll find everything you need from bargain deals on aluminum tubing to steel sheets in a variety of gauges.

Whether you are looking to recycle surplus metal or purchase new and surplus metal for your next project, we are the shop you’ve been looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we have available for you!

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