Myrtle Beach, SC Recycling

Myrtle Beach, SC Recycling

Metals consist from anything from aluminum foil to steel.  There are collection programs available for smaller metals, such as cans, and some can be taken to drop off centers for proper recycling in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Recycling is great for the environment. It saves energy and the earth, helps reduce global warming, and reduces pollution.

We purchase and recycle the following metals:

Copper #1
Copper #2
Bare Bright Copper
Insulated Copper
Copper Aluminum Radiators – Clean
Copper Aluminum Radiators – Dirty
Stainless Steel – 304
Stainless – 316
Stainless – 400
Brass – Yellow Solids
Brass – Red Solids
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Rims
Cast Aluminum
Aluminum Turnings
Steel #1 Prepared
Steel #2 
Steel Unprepared
Steel Mix
Electric Motors
Catalytic Converters