For those who missed last night’s episode of Revolution, it was quite amazing to see the footage that came out of the hard work they put forth on our recycling scrap yard. There were several different locations used during the show, but ours scrap yard was where the chopper landed in the old abandoned airfield to refuel. It was great to see different sections of our yard used throughout most of the episode too.

My favorite part last night was seeing the ending fight scene which took place in the garage shop where our talented mechanics spend most of their hardworking days repairing and upgrading a lot of our machinery. It wasn’t normal to see that place with an abandoned look to it because there is always something going on in there.

Over all, it was a great experience and honor to have the cast and crew take part in one of the best television shows on NBC here at Southern Metals Recycling. Enjoy some of the photos we took during their visit:



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