One major step in recycling is the process of breaking down larger pieces of steel in to smaller pieces to be shipped off to the mills.  Our shear at Southern Metals Recycling plays a huge role in making this happen. Here is a step by step process of how our shear works. It is really fun to watch…but since many can’t actually step foot near this powerful machine, I have brought the excitement to you.

After the customers drop off their load of scrap metal, our grapple cranes will sort the metals in to certain piles. Here you see Unprepared #2 Steel is sent to the shear to be crushed and cut up just as you see in these photos.

As the material is dropped in, the shear will then crush the material by the side walls of the shear.

A third crushing wall will then pack all the material in tight to be cut up by the blades.

After the material has been cut up, the shaker table will shake out all trash and dirt as it leads down the conveyor. Here you see a Southern Metals Recycling employee pulling out the excess trash.


After the shaker table separates the metal, trash and dirt, the now Prepared #2 Steel heads up the conveyor belt and in to a new pile ready to be loaded in to trucks or rail cars.

And that’s our shear at work.


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