I have had many people ask me if what we do at Southern Metals Recycling is actually environmentally safe even if we recycle scrap metal. The answer is definitely YES! We may be the middle man who cleans up the local environment here in Wilmington, NC…but who we ship the metal off to is just as cautious about taking care of the environment as we are. Here is a great article to explain it in more depth…

The environment is something of a hot topic at the moment, with growing pressures both politically and socially to act up to our responsibilities to the planet and its ongoing conservation. After decades, even centuries of pollution and mindless resource depletion, we are now at a stage where far more caution must be exercised in the way we live our lives. Of course business and commerce can’t simply halt for the sake of the planet, and hence the process of recycling resources has become more and more prominent over the last few years, particularly in the scrap metal trade which has been buoyed as a result. In this article we’ll look at why scrap metal recycling is good for the environment and why it should be encouraged at any cost.

Scrap metal starts out life as any other metal material. It is built for a purpose and is often reserved for that specific use, be it in building or construction, machinery, technology or agriculture, where it will remain forever more in an ideal world. However, what happens when that machine breaks down, or the building is demolished to make way for some newer construction project? The metal from there becomes scrap, unwanted and many look to simply get rid of it out of their hands, usually by visiting a scrap metal dealer who will buy different bits of metal for money. So what’s the big idea about recycling then?

When people think of recycling, they tend to think of some chemical or mechanised process whereby a recycling plant takes some old and turns it in to something completely new, suitable for reuse ad ready for sale. We also tend to think of this as an environmentally friendly practice, but we’re never really told why. In fact, recycling can be the process of melting scrap metals for resale, but it can also be put under the heading of what your average scrap dealer will do when he sells a piece of metal on to someone else. Recycling can be defined as reusing in any sense of the word, which is environmentally friendly for one key reason – the more scrap metal reintroduced into circulation, the less metal that has to be manufactured.

Manufacturing metal is by its very nature environmentally intensive, creating toxic fumes and a certain amount of wastage that’s anything but kind to the planet. As we cut down the amount of manufacturing going on we cut out some of the pollution and waste that wreaks havoc on the earth, yet we fill in the void created by recycled scrap metal. With scrap metal just as usable as fresh metal and far less environmentally taxing, it makes sense to promote the trade and use of scrap in manufacturing processes, rather than to continually produce more and more fresh material at the expense of the environment. For this reason, recycling scrap metal is both cost effective for the buyer, and environmentally friendly all round.

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